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This website is in the process of being updated. More current samples are available upon request.


"So much jealousy, passion and betrayal we had to hold it in a coliseum." 
Client: Knoxville Convention & Visitors Bureau "The West was always wild. It just wasn't always west."
Client: Knoxville Convention & Visitors Bureau "A Surprising Show of Strength and Balance." 
Client: Eastman Chemical Company "Now" E-business Launch Mailer. 
Client: Eastman Chemical Company "Roll Over." New Product Launch Postcard.
Client: Tennessee Insurance Services
"Your Voice Is Gone. Your Heart is Pounding. Your Legs are Cramping. (And we're not even done with you yet.)" 
Client: Knoxville Convention & Visitors Bureau "It's Not Whether You Win Or Lose, It's How You Follow The Game." 
Client: Knoxville Convention & Visitors Bureau Testimonial from Dell Computer
Client: Tennessee Department of Economic Development "Anything Else Is Just A Floor." Pattern-plus introduction to retailers.
Client: Hartco Wood Flooring: "You Can Take The Floor Out Of The Showroom." Pattern-plus introduction to consumers.
Client: Hartco Wood Flooring:
Client: Witex Flooring Company "Now Boring.""Now Boarding." 
Client: McGhee-Tyson Airport "We Welcome Any Packaging Challenge.".
Client: Amcor/Eastman Chemical Company "Bank from home." Client: Home Federal Bank Center for Executive Education Brochure. 
Client: University of Tennessee

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